Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thats a whole nother story

The NBA season begin today. Hooray. For once in my life I can actually enjoy basketball on t.v. without worrying what kind of cruel torture my coach had in store for me the next day at practice. So I'm looking forward to this season and the the rise of the Eastern Conference

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I need some opinions on which promo poster to use so I will be posting them up this evening and we need your opinions on which will be the best one to use.

And Oh yeah hes still the future of the Chi

The first promo picture from Rico's Home the album.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who Wanna Battle

Ghostface Killah ft.Kid Capri-Celebrate
Its Tone Tana Season again ...yessss(c)Marvin Albert.. this is going to be the best Holiday season ever with the release of this,Cam'ron's and Rico's Mixtape dropping. Damn get the gravy and Turkey out right now.

Stolen from Nahright

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hop Out the S-Type looking like a criminal

Shout out to Fam-Lay. We need that album man.

It's the easiest way to double your stacks

Nas is quickly becoming one of my top 5 rappers again. Not meaning lyrically because he was already up there but when it comes to public relations. Hit the link to find out why. Nas on album name

You Must Learn

I watched this interesting Op-Ed documetary on the New York Times Website and thought I should share it with you. It proves thought provoking and ask the simple question; How Would You feel if someone occupied your home and demanded your submission?
Know Thine Enemy

Like we always do

Man its been a while I feel like I'm back home and I have to clean the mess that we left. But you know its a labor of love so I wont bitch and moan about it. But during our extended hiatus I've run into a lot of interesting and thought provoking articles on a number of different subjects ranging from Sports to Politics. So I will be posting those up in the near future. But this article I found interesting because I always have this discussion of race and basketball with friends and it's funny that we are not the only ones who are noticing these trends enjoy your read sissies. White Men Can't Pass

M.I.A ft. Bun B and Rich Boy-Paper Planes Rmx.....Tough

and yes that is Michael Jordan