Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hate the Crab State

Check out this fresh tee by Lemar&Dauley a crazy tshirt line out of Brooklyn

This is the type of things I'm missing out on

Yo no disrespect to the few cool people I know in Maryland but why the f***k cant yall get any hot clothes or kicks out here. There are a few spots with alright sneaks but never any hyperstrikes or sb exlcusives. There is def nowhere you can get any tees.
I guess this is the cost of trying to make that big money out of school(yea right)

This is the type of things I'm missing out on

I Eat em Like Lucky Charms

This post right chea is dedicated to possibly, no thee best rap song in history.The song appeared on Raekwon of Wu-tang fame debut album.The song in all its aural glory was assisted by Ghostface Killah his right hand and their good friend Nasir Nasty Nas Jones. Im a bigger Raekwon fan than of Nas but the way Nas came on the track with his ridic flow and ill delivery had me at hello and after listening to it again I am in love again.Not to discount Ghost and Rae but Nas stole the show and these guys are also great lyricist as well so if you want to beef up your rap library I suggest you put down the D4L and pick up Cuban Linx.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Prelude

Look what I just found take some time out and watch this video. Peep jays haircut in this one.

The Art of Storytelling

Some artist have it some dont. These 5 (1 honorable mention) emcees painted vivid enough pictures that we can actually see verses in Hi Def.
1.Slick Rick-Fathered the genre and influenced countless rappers with his swagger and delivery.
2.Nas-His way of telling stories from diferent perspectives One love,I Gave you Power and Black girl lost are legendary.
3.Notorious B.I.G-Versace Swagger and vivid lyrics = genius
4.Andre 3000-Listen to the Love Below
5.Raekwon-Not only a beast in the kitchen but on tracks see Cuban Linx and Lex Diamond Story.

Honorable Mention
Lupe Fiasco-One of the future standard bearers of this lyrical tradition.

Friday, July 21, 2006

We Got 2 Use The Scales They Weigh Whales With

Real lenghty title...yup thats the kind of mood im in right now. Im running on no creative juices right now which regular protocol but my man Willy Shakes def got more than enough to give. So people go check this man out if your in the NYC metropolitan area on Friday July 28th at Dillons Lounge 245 w54th btween 8 and Broadway
you can get some more info at his myspace page

yall have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

To all my Tommy Hill Ice Rocking Ni**as

Man O Man do I remember the first time I heard this song. My man Willis came through for the weekend and always brought some new rap first it was Mobb Deep The Infamous then he came through with Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. I probrably rewinded the tape on this song about 12 times no lie. This song in my opinion was the illest song in rap history. Hey you be the judge

While You Were Sleeping

Better yet while I was sleeping I found these on Cmonwealth and I'm sure by now these are pretty much gone. O well Im poor and I need to go find a job to feed my sneaker addiction

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Transforming on stage like a decepticon

To this day I still dont know how this show grabbed such a hold on me but when I saw this trailer at the movie I lost my mind and started making so much noise in the theather. But this clip is for those who didnt get the oppurtunity to watch this glorious teaser.

This is another trailer that shows the possible animation that will be used in the movie.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tremendously obnoxious

Yo I got a question almost a serious as cancer. Why are black people infatuated with crime and the underworld. When I was a I younger also was drawn to the allure of John Gotti and stories of AZ, Rich , Supreme and the list goes on. But as I got older which really isn't that old I wondered why was I so fascinated with these exploits of these men who defied the law and got money. I guess because I was from the suburbs and did not have to deal with things that these dudes went up against everyday that made me envy and to a point try to emulate them. But at the end of all of those stories we get the sobering reality which is at the end of the day they get locked up or are underground. And that is why all we have left is stories.

On a Lighter note

Re-Up Gang ft. Skillz Va Stand Up

" And Im a Nike head I wear chains that excite the feds"

Is it me or is nike suddenly flooding the sneaker market with constant heat rocks like this beautiful piece of leather and rubber right above. The probrably took a cue from the recent Adidas marketing scheme which was throw mad colors on the masses. I cant even front but im loving it and they will be making a lot of money off of me. Hopefully I can buy some books off ebay this semester.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Cashmere Thoughts

Now that we got all the introductions out the way. Lets get into the question of the day and that is how much longer will this current infatuation with late 80's and early 90's fashion will last. I admit I am a fan of this time period for one because i was born in 85 but I think this was possibly the peak of creativity in hip-hop culture in regards of fashion, rap music and deejaying. I also admit to jumping into this trend of the youth tyring to find their own identity and leaving baggy jeans alone and picking up fitted ones and wearing clothes that fit. This trend includes colorful hats "Fresh Prince of Ny hats" and other items we've only seen our parents have on in the photo album or on throwback thursday on Rap Sh**ty (City). But now in my search for sanity I realize despite how we dress or the old school cd's we play or put on our myspace pages we all look like biters and never will bring back that essence of that time period.

sorry curtains i had to bum this pic to prove a point

Your all welcome

I am a young man from New York City who is currently attending college in Maryland. Whose loves rank in this order: God, family, sex, sneakers,music and sports. Maybe this explains my appearent insanity of me and those close to me. Humans are essentially complex human beings and being in college,addicted to pornography, and sneakers leaves me know room for reflection. So i created this blog in order to reach out to those with with the same fascination for the things I love, fear and hope for