Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wrath of Kane

Happy Birthday Mike. from all of us here at CrissyCorpses.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Diamonds are forever

invites you to
A Special Showcase Performance by
Willy Shakes

Fly High Thursdays
@ China Club

Doors open @ 10PM

Showtime 11:30pm

Bottle Specials
$125 Alize, Hpnotiq & Moet
$175 Grey Goose

For anyone who enters from 10-11PM

Dress Code
Fashionable & Trendy / Jeans Ok
No Sneakers / No Timbs / Collared Shirt
Sports Jacket & dress shoes a MUST for gents
21 & Over / ID Required

On Willy Shakes/ACE OF SPADES ENT.'s Guest list
Ladies FREE All Night
Gents Free till' 11:30PM - Reduced After

For Information & Guest list contact ACE OF SPADES ENT

Thursday June 28th 2007 @ China Club
China Club
268 W 47th Street NYC
btwn Broadway & 8th Ave

I will have more info as soon as i get it brothas and sistas

Thick Broads We Lustin Them

Common ft.Dwele-The People

50 murders in one month in Kenyan slum
I knew I was smarter than my sister and heres the proof.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Show and Prove

Im being mad lazy right now so bear with me. While I look to get my mind right heres some cool and new videos lol.

Sean Price-King Kong this is real tough.

I'm waiting for Kanye new video but im sure you all are too.

Next a video from MR.Scrunch Face himself

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thats GangstaA

A nice lil throwback

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Boomin System

A much better version of parts of Bun B's Alife session.

An Article about who is mentally fit to vote. Give me your opinions on this

Monday, June 18, 2007

As I get roasted looking at Biggie posted on my wall

Rap cinematography at its best

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nigga its Crew Love

3 vs 300 I call it a fair fight

Friday, June 15, 2007

Whos Going with me

And Uptown that evening another event with an OPEN BAR!!

Not Going Back

I refuse to go into my thoughts about Queens as a borough as a whole and the lot they produce. But here is the product of Queens kids who did it LL Cool j ft. Prodigy,50 Cent,Kool G Rap, Tony Yayo. LL is obviously taking shots at his Brooklyn Boss Hov. Take that in your pipe and smoke it Jay. But for some reason I expected The Game to lay down a verse about Queens but hey maybe he is in jail or something so expect him on the remix. Queens Thing

Home Video

Me and Shakes were talking about this guy yesterday and wondered what happened to him well Shakes this explains everything.

Now for the Hottest video out It goes to Guru ft. Common-State of Clarity.

and the Second runner up goes to an unlikely mention to the blog.Young Buck ft. Latoiya Williams- U aint going nowhere

props to OnSmash

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chinese Arithmetic

I love dis lol. We need more.

Yup in my bag a whole bag of porn

Funkmaster Flex is quickly becoming the most outspoken advocate of the start snitching movement. In the words of flex this is a good look read the article from what he said on Monday with Fab as a guest Funkmaster Flex Monday interview
I would love to post a Crushed Linens trailer or video off of it but that is in the plans you mere mortals so exhibit some patience and you will soon be rewarded but in lieu of said trailer here is a video of Kid Sister for those who enjoy her. I personally enjoy how she looks. OHHH Atrak's girl got a fatty.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Only youging in New York dat can say they run they own Borough

Heres an article I found on xxl site about Jones thoughts on Stack. Jones aint sound as crazy as I thought he would.
Jim Jones thoughts on Stacks murder

The Jokes on You

Alright I thought we were done with these hats man. I guess not heres a video from Kocky K from Brentwood with his spin on the Aunt Jackie I mean wow the video says enough. I respect that the kid is from L.I. but whatever watch leave comments.

you can visit his page at

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Spending Jackson's Off the Wall

No this is not the real Willy Shakes but there is a message behind this picture and it is the one you will be reading about and hearing about is on his way to becoming a legend in lyrical circles as well as literary ones (you soon shall learn). But here is an article from about who else other than Willy Shakes our resident super star and guest blogger over here at CrissyCorpses

Willy Shakes Mic'd Mag article

Road to the Riches like G rap and Polo

As you all should know the soft spot (no homo)for Big Daddy Kane and here goes a crazy recording from his Birthday freestyle hijacked from Stretch Armstrong's blog
Big Daddy Kane Birthday freestyle
It has too many names to mention but notables include Jay-z, Jaz, Ill, Positive K, and Biz

It's alright

We are all entitled to days off and today is mine so maybe I'll post again tonight but I'm going exploring so I'm out like Tony Blair peace.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Soon You'll Understand

This article is an old one but I think today we are reminded that this an issue that needs to be addressed. It's also for those who depend on rap music and hip hop culture to form their moral code so please read if you want to think logically instead of what popular culture deems cool or whatever is the in thing now. I'm kind of sick of writing right now I'm sick of niggas dying. Fuck this shit man. snitching article

Long Island Degrees

R.I.P Stack

Stack Bundles Killed

We've been generally warned

Kanye West ft. John Mayer-Bittersweet(full version)

Soprano's series finale run down for those who missed or care

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Theres a message in everything even a bullet

It took a while but heres something to hold you until the Crushed Linens, and the Graduation

Jadakiss and Big Mike Present The Predator is Back

Wheres the love

American Gangster trailer. This movie looks crazy I cant wait for it to come out this is a hot summer for Hollywood or so I think I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I should Just let you live right? Negative

Alife Sessions with Bun B.

Interesting article from NY times about a 9 year old video game prodigy making thousands of dollars blasting clowns in Halo You got to love this country 9 year old Halo star

Came home and copped the same watch the boy Diddy rockin

I usually post up new material but I was lookin for this interview with Cam for the longest to post on here and I finally found it. Cam'ron at his pinnacle in assholishness(is that a word) I doubt it but whatever.

It's the Ghost on the Loso beat.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You can go up in my Crib and go Mall shopping

I am really feeling this freestyle not because it has Loso and Cassidy on there but Swizz is basically shitting on everyone by not only mentioning the Ferrari SuperAmerica but driving it in the video. Enough said I cant even write no more.

The Wheels of Life

I want to be the first to introduce y'all to Kid Sister. If you have not already heard her.The first time I heard her was on the Kanye West Can't Tell Me Nothing mixtape. She has a unique flow it ain't for everyone at first I thought she was rapping in French honestly but after visiting her page on myspace I found her style refreshing plus it don't hurt she look good so heres one of her tracks and an article from URB magazine in the words of Clinton Sparks get familiar.

Kid Sister-Damn Girl Remix

Kid Sister and Flosstradamus article

Diamonds and Mac 10's

You know us over here at Cristal Corpses don't forget about underground or maybe not so underground talent so got a two part interview courtesy of OnSmash from Jae Millz the "Statue". He is speaking some truth in the beginning than back to your regular shit talking. Eat Up. oh yea shout out to Max B

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

You can live through anything if Magic made it

You know I love shameless promotion but I'm just letting people know Shakes is still in the studio working harder than ever putting his finishing touches on the project of the year in my opinion. I swear im being objective. But I heard 75% of the album and so far it is unlike anything out or has been released in the past 4 years with the exception of a few releases. So keep your browsers set on this site because you might get a lil taste of Crushed Linens if you play your cards right. Now back to your regular scheduled surfing.

Monday, June 04, 2007

If rap was Harlem I'd b James Baldwin

A lil refresher for those who remember these two EPMD.

Space Ships dont come equipped with rear view mirrors

I'm back from Miami got footage for days will post them as soon as Ham and Allison give me what the caught but enough of me here some visual candy. Chicks in this video or classically beautiful not your typical rap video stock enjoy if you have not seen already.