Thursday, October 26, 2006

Getting it papping much ?

yea I took the ill sabasical but im baack, you kno had to get it papping. Excuse my french but from NY TO MD TO DC.. Weee weee .. ight just letting dudes know im back to business ya digging yet?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

What the EFF

I feel like throwin in the towel. Nah I do where is my staff I need 2 get in touch with Cardo im gonna kill him nah just playing but heres a lil funny clip i found of hov i thought was entertaining

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Only a new 6 can fix the frame

Yea man the paper is finally done just got some editing to do. But im glad im done
now i can focus on my other obligations. but the good news dont stop there. Im not getting my hopes up but i just read that Redman album should be coming in March. Wow maybe they wont push it back another year so ill keep yall posted on that.

Monday, October 16, 2006

She watches Channel Zero

I dont like to preach. But I do want to get on the proverbial soap box for a second. I just want to question black consciousness right now. Where are we as a people and have we progressed since the ending of the Black Power movement or have we regressed to our pre reconstruction period status? I choose the latter. The way moving now as a people and culture it is to oblivion. We are following ( everyone is guilty to a degree) our leaders Rappers, athletes, and icons back to slavery. It is appalling and frightnening that when any one tries to wake the black state out of its comatose state of Cars, Sex and Money we go into riot mode. But when someone says they dont want us drinking their drink we just follow Jay-Z and switch to another brand who hates us but knows better than to say it publicly. We need to wake up and soon.

But continuing with this theme check out this new artist NYOIL and his video which helped inspire this post

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Show em What ya got

Another half assed post courtesy of your boy J aka Peter Turbo. My man corrected me on the last headline i pretty much look like an ass on dat 1 but i like the name so that is my nomme de plumme. But in other news my school won Homecoming yipeeeeeeeee. Nah im ready 2 get twisted. But until the next time show em what you got in the words of the immortal flava flav who was quite tastefully jacked by Jay-z.

All hail to my hands

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cop Peter Turbo Soon as the Un cuff 'em

Yeah I know Im slackin but you would to if you had to create a 700 page book by November. Nah thats a lil hyperbole (exagerat...) ahh eff it yall are smart I dont need to dumb this blog down. But yeah man I cant wait till this is done so I can focus on other endeavors but hey just droppin off the new flyer for Hip Hop on the Hill that my man P.Franklyn our new member on the blog all the way from the Beantown. Who ever said Boston and New York dont get along. Yeah man thats how we do out here breaking barriers everyday. But peep the new flyer make sure u go 2 da show is gon be classic.