Thursday, August 31, 2006

Im only tyrna spend what dey claim you cant keep

I been on my grind i just found out my senior thesis is due in November instead of May. Yup its that real but hey it is what is leaves more time in Spring to get benter and deffer if that is even possible. But im still on the hunt for some fly new kicks im doing research. more than i should be for some sneaks. Im not saying which ones but those who know me will def feel these. And im currently looking for a printer for the shirts which I think will be crack but thats just me but imma leave yall with the hottest video out in my humble opinion

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Game Theory

wellidy wellidy wellidy im sorry been busy with school and the bullsh**t that comes with it also started running and working out on a constant basis again but that a story for another day. But please go cop that roots cd its serious. but yea imma just gonna b dropping lil hints c if u cock suckas can pick up if you dont see the clue its right under your nose.

The Truth Is Near

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here Comes The Sturdy Man

Its coming real soon to a store near you to a radio near you.. No hints soon youll understand but heres a video im really feeling

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Over the Global My Vocals Be travelling

An homage to possibly the most talented and tormented person in sports history. As I crack this bottle open this one is for you Mike.

I Run Wit Kids You Dont Like

The new Black Marketing t shirt dont bite. No lie this shit is fresh I heard from an unconfirmed source da album sposed to be crazy so stay tuned and maybe a song leak?

Ps. If any of yall can get up wit shakes tell him I want a shirt asap like yesterday

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mental Slavery

Despite how educated some of us claim we are (I included) we sometimes fall victim to the lavish lifestyle that is portrayed in the media and music,even if we have not accomplished anything that entitles us to have anything that way of life offer we fall into the trap more times than other and beilieve that we deserve these things sometimes even when we dont have the money to back it up at the time. I more than always try to keep up with sneakers and the newest t shirts and what have you but I realized that for a rising college senior with no steady income and no rich father to help feed this material lust it has become a very dangerous obsession and led me towards future financial destruction. Yes I know this sounds a little to much but I've seen it happen to many bright friends of mine who are older and lived the party lifestyle, go to all the best events and are always fly. But now they are in situations where they have no monetary means to get out and are falling by the wayside. I mean the moral of the story which is a hard one to swallow especially for me is we must break these mental chains which is the lust to keep up with the latest trends especially if your money cant. But really the personal lesson I gained is Fly is a state of mind and to really be fly you have to be bummy for a little bit, not all the time but you cant be fly when your poor or you'll end up like alot of these fly people on public assistance. NO disrespect to those who are on it but you can't have both and that is what I'm struggling to accept right now. Oh yea thanks mom I know im an asshole sometimes.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Where are all the real lyricist at? Im getting tired of this question and everytime I hear it I remember this mental image I had of Queensbridge that I probrably imagined after listeing to the Infamous or the first time I actually listend to Illmatic. I loved those days and now they seem to be gone and never coming back. So until someone can revive these towers I will just sit and listen 2 Memory lane and Drink the Pain away. 1

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Monkey Buisness

Yeeerroo yes im back at school and did not have a connection for a few days. Man did I miss this place. Nah but back to the topic at hand Im broke and Sneakers ruined my life but im willing to take any donations from the few people who actually read this blog. Nah but for real i am accepting donations

Friday, August 11, 2006

Live from the Grid Iron

My cousin showed me this earlier. Those who know me know I watched this at least 20 times before I posted. I think this is the second funniest thing i seen all summer

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's Going Down

Im very happy today. First off I was released from Nextel's clutches and I just heard that D.C. my second city minus the go-go is going 2 get real Soho-ish if that is really a word.But Cmonwealth one of the illest boutiques on the east coast prolly even country is opening up a D.C. branch and I heard there is another store called Major opening up in Georgetown. Best thing about this store major is there account which is from what I hear is supposed to be retarded (in other words) real good. But luckily its about an hour from my school so i have an excuse not to go. Because I will be in serious debt if it was closer. Oh yea big shout out to New jersey Turnpike authority for the help last night on the Goethals could have been worse. Peace

Monday, August 07, 2006

You want the real *** ? Hey I Gotcha!!

Its Monday I have a hangover and I have to clean my sneakers so I can be happy again. On another note These jordans have popped up on my radar. I was never a big Jordan head because everyone claimed 2 be one or I never had enough money to keep up with that trend. But these Jordan 5 Grapes will be copped when they are released. Oh yeah Don Juan and JuJu and those other clowns were at the club last night and pretty much ruined a good party but whatever my kicks are clean.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Marcy 2 Hollywood

East Coast exclusive Dr. Doom. I am now a proud owner. Thats all nothing else for today

till Monday

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lime to a Lemon

Yess I am twisted but still sober enough to bring heat. Hopefully by this time tommorow I will have the nike dr. dooms. Dose shoes are crrrrack. I know yall prolly know a thousand kids with them but still i love them and i want dose in my collection so i will give yall an update tommorow on how dat is. But until then YOU CANT STOP THE REIGN

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Auto's Home

Wats goood had a nice break back at home chilled with some good friends from High school chilled wit the man of the hour Willy S and Cardo talked about their coming moves in the future. They got there act together and they shut down the show at Dillons. Sorry I missed fellas, but yea man I'm back still trying to get off of nextel. But heres some old school love for yall with bad fashion taste but good taste in music check out the dance moves too