Sunday, September 24, 2006


Its ya boy, Cardo.. yea yea yea I know my name precedes me but listen I been meaning to hit yall up with some thoughts concocted from deep within my mind but been busy wrapped up in this ganggreen season , getting that green in, ya dig !?!. On that note that Blackmarketing presents: Truth is... is dropping friday setpember29th ! cop it !. trust me its fiya, I know alot of people been waiting on it but its just around the corner. Dont forget the ocean of waiting can't be sailed without a boat ! yea I know when I heard it I aint get it either but I let it sink in ma waves then I understood ! so get some waves. while you think about that ill be in the booth working on that Flyboys album coming sooner than you realize, gonna be crazy ! .. ight ill be back with a real blog in the mean while cop that "Truth is.." mixtape from tha page when it drop, an if u live in tha tristate we'll even drop it off, an if you female we can do stuff (when I say stuff I mean have sex ).

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J. Da said...

lol u crazy joe rogan