Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cop Peter Turbo Soon as the Un cuff 'em

Yeah I know Im slackin but you would to if you had to create a 700 page book by November. Nah thats a lil hyperbole (exagerat...) ahh eff it yall are smart I dont need to dumb this blog down. But yeah man I cant wait till this is done so I can focus on other endeavors but hey just droppin off the new flyer for Hip Hop on the Hill that my man P.Franklyn our new member on the blog all the way from the Beantown. Who ever said Boston and New York dont get along. Yeah man thats how we do out here breaking barriers everyday. But peep the new flyer make sure u go 2 da show is gon be classic.


AnJaka said...

Hi J., I want to introduce you to

J. Da said...

anjaka nice 2 see u posting but what is this