Tuesday, June 05, 2007

You can live through anything if Magic made it

You know I love shameless promotion but I'm just letting people know Shakes is still in the studio working harder than ever putting his finishing touches on the project of the year in my opinion. I swear im being objective. But I heard 75% of the album and so far it is unlike anything out or has been released in the past 4 years with the exception of a few releases. So keep your browsers set on this site because you might get a lil taste of Crushed Linens if you play your cards right. Now back to your regular scheduled surfing.


OneFlyBrother said...

yessir, Crushed Linens is definitely top 5 most anticipated albums of this year

IgOtDaTjEwCy said...

I feel like Shakes is one of the most talented up coming rappers coming from our generation. I heard his calaborations with Black Marketing on their first CD's and I must say that he is a great lyricist

mtorres511 said...

Yes I can not wait for Crushed Linens to finally come out. Shakes lyrical genius and melodic flow take you back to the back in the day summer time flow, and just as easily into the core of rap and what's supposed to sound like. Real Talent at it's Up and Coming Best*