Saturday, August 11, 2007

What Could of been.....

( Im going in on this post ).. This is coming alittle late but while all the other blog pages said RIP to stack the day they found out, any body can do that, but its the true fans that still remember him months, and years after his death.. so pour out alittle 40 for a rising star that was next to blow, theres not going to be a whole lot of typing .just sit back and watch these clips and imagine what could of been.. SQQSQQSQUUUUUAAAAAAD UP

start it off with some audio and finishing it up with some clips

Who Freestyle

Where Im from

Rob 2 night

Run the city

Riots tha Gang

gun em down

Honorable Mention
Ransom dont die any time soon

once again starting out with some audion and finishing up with some clips

Drummer Boy feat stackbundles and RRS

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