Friday, July 14, 2006

Cashmere Thoughts

Now that we got all the introductions out the way. Lets get into the question of the day and that is how much longer will this current infatuation with late 80's and early 90's fashion will last. I admit I am a fan of this time period for one because i was born in 85 but I think this was possibly the peak of creativity in hip-hop culture in regards of fashion, rap music and deejaying. I also admit to jumping into this trend of the youth tyring to find their own identity and leaving baggy jeans alone and picking up fitted ones and wearing clothes that fit. This trend includes colorful hats "Fresh Prince of Ny hats" and other items we've only seen our parents have on in the photo album or on throwback thursday on Rap Sh**ty (City). But now in my search for sanity I realize despite how we dress or the old school cd's we play or put on our myspace pages we all look like biters and never will bring back that essence of that time period.

sorry curtains i had to bum this pic to prove a point

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