Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tremendously obnoxious

Yo I got a question almost a serious as cancer. Why are black people infatuated with crime and the underworld. When I was a I younger also was drawn to the allure of John Gotti and stories of AZ, Rich , Supreme and the list goes on. But as I got older which really isn't that old I wondered why was I so fascinated with these exploits of these men who defied the law and got money. I guess because I was from the suburbs and did not have to deal with things that these dudes went up against everyday that made me envy and to a point try to emulate them. But at the end of all of those stories we get the sobering reality which is at the end of the day they get locked up or are underground. And that is why all we have left is stories.

On a Lighter note

Re-Up Gang ft. Skillz Va Stand Up

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