Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's Going Down

Im very happy today. First off I was released from Nextel's clutches and I just heard that D.C. my second city minus the go-go is going 2 get real Soho-ish if that is really a word.But Cmonwealth one of the illest boutiques on the east coast prolly even country is opening up a D.C. branch and I heard there is another store called Major opening up in Georgetown. Best thing about this store major is there account which is from what I hear is supposed to be retarded (in other words) real good. But luckily its about an hour from my school so i have an excuse not to go. Because I will be in serious debt if it was closer. Oh yea big shout out to New jersey Turnpike authority for the help last night on the Goethals could have been worse. Peace

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