Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mental Slavery

Despite how educated some of us claim we are (I included) we sometimes fall victim to the lavish lifestyle that is portrayed in the media and music,even if we have not accomplished anything that entitles us to have anything that way of life offer we fall into the trap more times than other and beilieve that we deserve these things sometimes even when we dont have the money to back it up at the time. I more than always try to keep up with sneakers and the newest t shirts and what have you but I realized that for a rising college senior with no steady income and no rich father to help feed this material lust it has become a very dangerous obsession and led me towards future financial destruction. Yes I know this sounds a little to much but I've seen it happen to many bright friends of mine who are older and lived the party lifestyle, go to all the best events and are always fly. But now they are in situations where they have no monetary means to get out and are falling by the wayside. I mean the moral of the story which is a hard one to swallow especially for me is we must break these mental chains which is the lust to keep up with the latest trends especially if your money cant. But really the personal lesson I gained is Fly is a state of mind and to really be fly you have to be bummy for a little bit, not all the time but you cant be fly when your poor or you'll end up like alot of these fly people on public assistance. NO disrespect to those who are on it but you can't have both and that is what I'm struggling to accept right now. Oh yea thanks mom I know im an asshole sometimes.

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